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Transparent polygon fill

July 27 2010 | 4 comments
Categories: Cartographic Design, Symbology

How do I make the polygon fill transparent?

Mapping Center Answer:

To make a polygon fill transparent, right click on the feature class in the Table of Contents and then click on Properties.

On the Display tab, you can set the percent transparency.


Transparent posted by William Clark on Jul 29 2010 8:52AM
Alternatively, if you know you want the polygon to be 100% transparent (i.e. hollow), you can double click on the color swatch in the table of contents and select hollow.
Effects toolbar posted by Aileen Buckley on Aug 10 2010 3:24PM
You can also add the Effects toolbar to your ArcMap session -- this gives you tools to set the brightness, contrast and transparency of the symbol. Otehr tools include setting the dimness of basemap, a swipe layer tool to peel back the selected layer to see underneath it, and a flicker tool to have the layer blink off and on continuously so you can visualize it more easily. Here is the online help for this toolbar:
cumulative transparency posted by Drew Dowling on Aug 16 2012 1:26PM
I have a layer with many overlapping polygons of different sizes. I would like to make the individual polygons transparent instead of the whole layer. That way areas of overlap will appear darker. I can do this using the web apis such as flex but is it possible out of the box in ArcMap?
Within layer transparency posted by Aileen Buckley on Aug 16 2012 2:10PM
You cannot have within layer transparency at this time within ArcMap, although you CAN have it in web map services. Here is the link to the online help topic:

Hope this helps!

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