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unregular dataframe design in page layout not visual in map

July 27 2010 | 3 comments
Categories: Page Layout

how to design an irregular data frame design in page layout not visual extent in map?

In forum I saw in Arcmap it it could to do clip shape, but my question is in page layout view, not visual region in map.

thank you!

Mapping Center Answer:

The map that is shown within the data frame in page layout view must be the mapped area -- there is no way around that.  However, if you want to add an additional data frame to the page layout and show a different mapped area in that data frame, that is entirely possible.  Simply add a new data frame in the Table of Contents in ArcMap, and in the new data frame, add the data you want to show and set the extent to the area you want to show.

If we have misunderstood your question or did not address it properly, perhaps you could write back and send us a sketch of what it is that you want to achieve.

Question posted by Joabel Barbieri on Jul 28 2011 10:23AM
I think I have the same question. When I create a data frame it creates as a retangle or square but I want an Irregular shape (Let's say a triangle).In my case I have my table of contents with lots of data and I want that my Data Frame do not overlap this frames.And I also would like to use Data Driven Pages to generate a map book so I will need to use clip to Graphics but this graphic must be in the Layout view.
Irregular shaped dataframe posted by Bernard Podraza on Jan 23 2013 11:11AM
I know ArcMap can create an irregular shaped dataframe because I did it a couple of years ago. Problem is, I can't do it in ArcMap 10 and I don't know what steps I took to do it.
Maybe if ESRI can find a mature person in their ranks they can come up with an answer.
ArcWatch article has the instructions posted by Aileen Buckley on Jan 24 2013 11:08AM
I recently wrote an ArcWatch article that describes this funtionality and has the instructions -- I wrote it using version 10.1. It should be the same for version 10.0. Here is the link:

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