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Showing Student Population Densities

July 27 2010 | 3 comments
Categories: Symbology

I want to make a map that shows the density of geocoded students in such a way that is similar to a dasymetric map but that does not require all the extensive prep. Data that I have to work with are geocoded students, street centerlines, school attendance areas, parcels with zoning, and study areas that break up the attendance areas to residential neighborhoods.

Mapping Center Answer:

A dasymetric map is a complicated map to make since you are generating new output areas that did not exist before you started.  That said,

  • There is a script that was written for ArcGIS 9.2 by Rachel Sleeter that help with dasymetric mapping:
  • Or you can implement the steps themselves in ArcGIS as specified in a paper by Jeremy Mennis at:
  • Or you can use some easy to basic dasymetric steps as described by Mitchel Langford: Mitchel Langford, "Rapid facilitation of dasymetric-based population interpolation by means of raster pixel maps". Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 31(1): 19-32 (2007).

If none of these work for you, and you want to make a map that is not dasymetric, let us know!

Another dasymetric map reference posted by Aileen Buckley on Aug 3 2010 2:07PM
This just showed up today -- it's an article in "The Atlantic" about dasymetric mapping ( Note that the last hyperlink in the article takes you to another site about dasymetric maps ( -- this site includes downloads to make maps of this nature, including some of the references I noted in the original answer.
Thanks! posted by Christopher Melendez on Aug 3 2010 2:24PM
Thank you so much. You have been very helpful!

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