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How to plot ETOPO1 in a map and give a projection

July 29 2010 | 2 comments
Categories: Map Data

I am a beginner in arcGIS. I am very curious to know how to plot Bathymetry, topography and satellite gravity. I am having data in "*.grd" , ".nc" ,".flt" and ".xyz" for the above Bathymetry, topography and satellite gravity.

Now I would like to know how to plot this data in ArcMap 9.2 and I would like to know how to give color palette.

Mapping Center Answer:

Since you reference etopo1 data in the title of your question, I assume that the topography and bathymetry data are both in this one data set.  To work with etopo1 data, download it from NOAA ( in the Grid/node-registered format and make sure you download the binary files (this will be the f4 version of the file).  Then once you add the data to ArcMap, use the Float to Raster tool in "To Raster" toolset of the "Conversion Tools" toolbox in ArcToolbox.  This will convert teh data to a format that you can use in ArcGIS.

I am not sure what format you are getting the satellite gravity data in -- if you could tell us where you are getting it and a little more about it, we might be able to help you better to get it into ArcMap.

Suggest me which projection i can giv for my Merca posted by Faizal KV on Jul 30 2010 3:49AM
The map I want to digitize is produced in Mercator projection by Generic Mapping Tool (GMT). first by clicking "add data" added the data, then i registered, then from arcCatalog I have given geographic reference as WGS 84. (Now here a doubt, which co-ordinate system i can give for mercator projected map). then i created a shape file and given WGS 84. and started editing. Now i am also facing the same problem. It warns me that both the layers are in different co-ordinate system and error may come.

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