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Managing Styles - Need a tutorial or reading material

July 30 2010 | 1 comment
Categories: Symbology

I am a year into a mostly carto related GIS job, and at this point would like to increase my usage of the style manager and styles in general. I find that my styles files gets kind of messy, and I would like to learn how to create a way for files to almost automatically get symbolized.

I am sure there a tricks and tips that would help me be more efficient.

I was wodering if anybody had a tutorial or online course (preferably free) to suggest. (I have read the help files in ArcGIS, and have gotten as much info from there as is possible...)

Thanks a million!

Mapping Center Answer:

I think it would help you to download our presentation from the 2007 Esri User Conference called "Getting to Know Symbols and Styles".  The bottom notes are included so you can read how we presented information about using symbols and styles.

here is the value posted by Alexander Pineda on Aug 13 2010 3:34PM
In the simple case of a square cell digital elevation model (DEM), such 30m x 30m UTM grid cells, the optimal ground dimensions of the pixels on the map should be the same (or larger) than the DEM spatial resolution. For example, at a map pixel density of 4000 pixels per meter, the optimal mapping scale would be 1/x = 1 / (30 m/pixel × 4000 pixels/m) = 1:120,000 (or smaller). This recommendation, of course, is for large to medium scale mapping where there is minimal scale distortion across the map projection.

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