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adding downloaded symbols to mxd

August 02 2010 | 1 comment
Categories: Symbology

Hi, I've downloaded the new 3D globes and spheres as BMPs but can't figure out how to add/import them into ArcGIS (still using 9.3). Thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

If you downloaded the .bmps you also got the style.  Use the style to apply the symbols in ArcMap -- click on Customize on the top bar menu, then Style Manager. At the right, click the Styles button and then click "Add Style to List…" Navigate to the location of the style, select it and, optionally, click Open to see the contents. The style is nwo referenced and you can simply select symbols from it when you apply symbology in ArcMap.

To use the graphic image files... posted by Aileen Buckley on Aug 3 2010 3:20PM
You can either use the sphere style or you can reference the sphere symbol when you edit the marker symbol. I prefer the first method – here are the steps…

Reference the style so that you can see the symbols in the marker symbol folder when you open the Symbol Selector. (These instructions were in the original answer). Then when you go to set the marker symbology, simply select the sphere you want and set the size to whatever size you want.

If you want to try the second method, save the sphere graphic image file to a location on your computer that you will remember. Then in the Symbol Property Editor for the marker symbol, change the Type to Picture Marker Symbol and then navigate to the location of the graphic image file. This will reference the graphic image file to create the marker symbol.

Note that once you reference the image to create the picture marker symbol, you do not have to save it anymore. Note also that you can save the symbol you edited to your personal style if you want to use it again (click Save as.. from the Symbol Selector dialog.)

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