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2009 MUTCD Standards

August 02 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology


Do you know if ESRI plans on updating its MUTCD fonts to match the 2009 standards? Or some place to find a current style that matches the standards?

There are many subtle changes to the current standards. School area signs are the area that I am having trouble with. The new standard uses "assemblies" of signs, such as "S1-1" & "W16-7P" for a "School Crossing Assembly". In the current ESRI font, the S1-1 is the old sign style and the W16-7P is not in the font.

The example above is but one of many. I have came across many of the new signs that cannot be recreated with the current ESRI fonts.

Thank you


Mapping Center Answer:

We have consulted with our developers as to the status of any update to the MUTCD style. Their answers have come back with a negative. However, the plans for updates are considered as enhancement requests through our Nimbus system. As a User, you login with your global account at and then you click on the "New Support Request" and fill out the enhancement request.

Once information is added to Nimbus we can then gauge the priority of the issue based on the number of users adding their information to the incident. You can then track the progress of your request from your support account. So be sure to file your request and have those users that you know file theirs as well.

Another place to post your request or idea is the ArcGIS Ideas page - there's a link to it on the ArcGIS Ideas tab of the Ask a Cartographer page.

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