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Multiple Attribute point data

August 09 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements, Symbology

Please help me find a solution.

I would like to present a point layer showing two kpi´s at once.

One kpi is quality percentage, the other is volume.

Quality shall be shown as traffic light coloring (red - bad, yellow - middle, green - good),

Volume shall be shown as circles with different measurement, low volume small circle, big volume, big circle.

I found out, that I could do that with some steps (first unique value, apply, then multiple). But the legend is far from beautiful.

There are 5 quality steps and 6 volume steps. At least there will be a legend with 24 "chapters" containing 5 symbols or the other way round.

Is there any simple way to reach the goal, like choose multiple attributes, select two fields, select circle, match quality field to color, match volume field to size and get just two legend chapters, one for color=quality and one for size=volume.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

Kind regards.

Mapping Center Answer:

The legend for this map would best be created by customizing what you get from ArcMap -- the advantage is that you get to control the way it looks, and the disadvantage is that it is no longer "live-linked" so that if you made a change to the symbology, the legend would update automatically.

To customize the legend, once you have added it to the page layout, right click it and select Convert to Graphics.  Right click the graphic element and select Ungroup two or three times until all the elements are separate elements (you will know you have them ungrouped enough if your circle symbols no longer have an extent that is larger than the x,y dimensions).  Now you can select the elements you want to keep, arrange and reposition them as you want them to appear.  Use the Align and Distribute tools (on the Context menu when you right click after you have selected more than one of the elements in the legend you are customizing) to make sure that things are lined up and spaced evenly.

Below is an example of a map from the Atlas of Oregon, Second Edition (2001) that shows what the circle size and colors mean - this might help you in thinking about how you might redesign your legend.

Population growth with legend

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