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How to show attribute values on the Pie Chart

August 15 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Symbology

I have a simple question -- I have made pie charts from the symbology tools and now I want to show the attribute values on the Pie Chart for each catagory. Can anybody help?

Mapping Center Answer:

Unfortunately at this time there is no way to automatically label the individual segments of the pie chart with their respective values. I can’t even think of a good workaround that won't take a bit of time! If you are really stuck having to do this, then the best solution I can think of is to add graphic text to the focused data frame.  Depending on the number of pie charts and segments this could take a lot of time.

However, this is a well known enhancement request. As a User, you can login with your global account at and then .  We gauge the priority of the issues in our system based on the number of users adding their information to the incident. You can also track the progress of the enhancement request from your support account. So be sure to file your comments about the request and have others that have the same request file theirs as well.

Another place to post your request or idea is the ArcGIS Ideas page - there's a link to it on the ArcGIS Ideas tab of the Ask a Cartographer page. We just wrote a blog about ArcGIS Ideas. Here you can also add this idea (it is not currently there, I see) and promote it to give it higher priority.

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