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Maplex - "never remove" function and placement properties

August 16 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex

For a project I am doing I have to show all road segments labeled with their route numbers.
I have set the placement properties to:
Street Placement
position - curved and offset, 5 points
Enabled "overrun feature"
Enabled "reduce font size" to min 7pt, 0.5pt steps
Feature Weight - 1000
Enabled "remove duplicates", limit to 20 points
Enabled "never remove"

However, all labels summoned by the "never remove" function do not abide by the Placement Property rules, and stay horizontal regardless of line direction. Are there ways to change this behavior?

Mapping Center Answer:

First, despite the logical sounding name to the "Never Remove Labels" feature, it is not going to serve you based on the need you have described.  The reason is that a caveat of the Never Remove Labels function is that when Maplex is unable to place a given label, and the Never Remove Labels option is turned on, there is no good option--so Maplex places the label in the default position--which could very well be the worst possible place given the location of other features and labels.  That's correct--it ignores all your other settings.  So, the first thing to do is turn off the Never Remove Labels function, and use the View Unplaced Labels mode in the Labeling toolbar.

Given your other settings, you have a bit of a conflict in that you want to show all segments labeled, but have turned on remove duplicates.  So, second, turn off remove duplicates.

Third, Another option that may be causing a problem is that you are specifying to use a weight of 1000--change this to 999.  1000 is a special setting, in that it is an absolute, do not conflict with the features in this label class option.  Sometimes that will be at odds with placing a label for every feature.

Fourth, your setting for reduce fonts is likely to slow down your labeling process.  I don't know what the initial text size, but instead of reducing in 0.5 point increments, try 1.0.

Finally, to the real issue with the mapping problem you have:  If you have very small (short) lines, you have a problem.  You should expect to only label lines that are long enough to have a label that does not conflict with other labels.  One way to gain some extra labeled features is to make two label classes:  The first for the shortest line segments, and the second for the longer line segments.  In the label class priorities dialog (on the Labeling toolbar), make sure the short segments label class is listed above the longer segments in that list--this way Maplex will place labels for the shortest segments first, and then the longest segments which can be handled with more flexibility will get labeled afterwards.




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