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Rename data in ArcCatalog? 2

August 30 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

I tried to resolve the problem by using the response you have given me but it was not possible, other solutions are related?

"Your Question:
Rename data in ArcCatalog

1- I'm changing the names to different layers in ArcCatalog (text to number), the layers are in a personal geodatabase. When I open the layers with the new name in ArcMap and zooming in on the information it disappears and there is a sign that says: ArcMap drawing erros: One or more layers failed to draw.
How I can solve this roblem?

2- Also I have trouble Rename layers in ArcCatalog, do not let change the name, how to solve this too? layers are in a personal geodatabase.


Our Answer:

For the solution to problem one, double check to make sure that:

1. the layers are really referencing the correct source -- right click the layer in the Table of Contents, click Properties, click the Source tab and make sure that the layer is pointing to the correct source. If it is not, then click the Set Data Source... button and navigate to and select the correct data source.

2. Any definition queries are still correct -- right click the layer in the Table of Contents, click Properties, click the Definition Query tab and make sure that the definition query, if you are using one, is correct. To double check, click the Query Builder button and click the Verify button to verify that your query is correct.

As to your second question, you should be able to rename layers in ArcCatalog, as long as they are not being used in an active session somewhere else (like in an open ArcMap document) in which case there is a schema lock on the layer and you cannot change its name or make other edits. Simply close the other session and you should be able to rename the layer in ArcCatalog.

Mapping Center Answer:

You cannot name the feature classes in the GDB using only numbers.  Here are some basic rules for naming feature classes:

  • Names must begin with a letter, not a number or special character such as an asterisk (*) or percent sign (%).
  • Names should not contain spaces. If you have a two-part name for your table or feature class, connect the words with an underscore (_), for example, garbage_routes.
  • Names should not contain reserved words, such as select or add. Consult your DBMS documentation for additional reserved words.
  • The length of feature class and table names depends on the underlying database. The maximum name length for File geodatabase feature classes is 160 characters. Be sure to consult your DBMS documentation for maximum name lengths.

Note: Table or feature class names with the following prefixes are not supported:

  • "gdb_"
  • "sde_"
  • "delta_"

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