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3D Arrows

September 02 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I am producing a map that shows the homestates of the students of the University of Dayton. To do so, I would like to have a map of the United States (with state boundaries) and have arrows emerging from the states, with the arrow thicknesses representing the number of students coming from that particular state. I would like the arrows to be 3D, arching from their origin state, into the "atmosphere" and then touching down at Dayton, Ohio. Is there such a 3D arrow tool?

I am able to make a map with states colored to represent the number of students coming from that state, or with dot density, but I would like some kind of flying 3D arrow. Please tell me if that exists on any of the ARC softwares.


Mapping Center Answer:

This is not possible with out of the box functionality; however, we did write a blog that explained a way you can make these maps nonetheless:

Making maps that show flow from place to place

Perhaps this methodology will allow you to make the map you want to make.  Since you control the design of the arrows, you can make them appear to be "flying" and you might be able to make them appear to be 3D (e.g., using a gradient fill or adding additional sides to the symbol).

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