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Stretching a shapefile's color ramp

September 02 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I have shapefiles representing the same covariate, but differing in magnitude. As a consequence, these shapefiles hold some values in common but not others. I would like to be able to apply a common color ramp so that the values in common among the many shapefiles have the same color. This is easy to do with rasters, simply by 'stretching' the color ramp to a range of values that encompasses all of the rasters to which the color ramp will be used. A similar option is not easily available for shapefiles. Can you provide a solution to this issue?

Mapping Center Answer:

The best way to make sure that the same colors are applied to the same values or range of values is to use the Quantities - Graduated Colors renderer.  This means that you set the color for each class separately.  Once you do that, you can save those colors in a style that you can then apply to the other classified distributions by simply clicking on the color and editing it to be the specific one you want to apply to that class in the distribution. 

You can also Import the symbology from one layer to another layer  -- in this case, you specify the field that holds the values you want to symbolize, and any value that is the same as in the source layer will be assigned the same colors, so you would only have to update the colors for classes that were not in the source layer.

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