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Process color (CMYK)—Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black in ESRI Production Mapping (MPS-ATLAS)

September 03 2010 | 3 comments
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Is there the possibility to Process color (CMYK) of the map layout using ESRI Production Mapping (MPS-ATLAS). I'd like to obtain 4 PostScripts files which will be representations of CMYK colors.

Mapping Center Answer:

The possiblity to export with process colors comes as part of the functionality of the ESRI Production Mapping install at version 10.0. Production Mapping is what in previous versions was "Foundation" and "MPS-Atlas"--these no longer exisit as standalone extensions.

What you will produce will be as a result of using the Tiff Separator. Documentation on this can be found on the Online Resources Center for ArcGIS 10, search for the Separating colors in a .tiff file. The description of the process is filed under Nautical Solutions and refers to the TIFF format as a result.

The Production Mapping application has to be installed in order for the Production Mapping help to be included in the ArcGIS Help.

CMYK separation posted by Tomek Letmanski on Sep 10 2010 1:17AM

Thank you for the answer. I can find in ESRI Production Mapping the Separationcolors in a .tiff file - what for is this proccess? What kind of technology is being used, e.g., 24 separated colors (separated tiff files - output of the separation)? Is there a possibility for separation on 4 colors - CMYK - and store it as postscript files to use it in DDT technology?
CMYK Separations posted by Jaynya Richards on Sep 10 2010 10:56AM
In ArcGIS version 10, postscript files may be generated using the postscript printer engine found under the File->Print dialog.
We aren't sure what the abreviation of DDT means. If your definiition for DDT is Digital Desktop, then the answer is yes, you can use the Postscript files.

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