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transparent polygon

September 04 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

It is possible to make a polygon transparent, but not have the outline transparent, just the interior of the polygon?

Mapping Center Answer:

The transparency setting (you can set this when you right click the layer, select Properties and click the Display tab or you can use the Effects toolbar) affects the outline as well as the interior of the polygon.  In fact, the transparency setting affects all the rendering related to that particular layer, except labeling. 

For your polygon layer, if you want to have the interior transparent but have the outline non-transparent, the best option is to copy and paste the layer into the Table of Contents.  For one layer, set the fill color but set the outline color to No Color, and then set the transparency to whatever you want.  For the other layer, set the outline color but set the fill color to No Color, and then make sure the transparency is 0%.  In the Table of Contents, place the layer with the outline color over the layer with the fill color so that the outline layer draws on top of the fill layer.

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