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how make the best mapping for coastal zone mapping with x,y data

September 06 2010 | 0 comments
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Dear sir:

I am using other methods to to geographical mapping in wgs84/everest1830 spheroid (gmt or hypack or autocad) so far. But I wanted to make maps with ArcMap 10.0 using my latitude, longitude data in either in wgs84 or everest 1830 spheroid easily with desired add on maps available with ArcGIS 10.0.  So, please give me full notes with step by step procedures to make such beautiful maps with all geographical maps in desired scales and all for my coastal zone mapping.

example data in latitude, longitude (17.4568,83.25645)

Mapping Center Answer:

For adding your X Y data, refer to the online help topic "Adding x,y coordinate data as a layer". You can also refer to previously answered question here: You will want to define the projection of the data you export so that ArcMap knows it is in the WGS84 geographic  coordinate system.

It seems you want to add maps from ArcGIS Online as background to your data -- for that, refer to Adding data from ArcGIS online. Many of these maps are multi-scale -- since you said you wanted maps at your desired scales, some of these maps will likely work. 

When you open a blank ArcMap document, then add the map you want to use from ArcGIS Online, then you add your data, your data should line up with the ArcGIS Online data, -- as long as you have properly defined the coordinate system that the coordinates are in.

This is a simple and fast way to quickly make a nice looking map.

Hope this helps!

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