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poster size printing

September 07 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Publishing

I have created a map and I would like to print it larger than 8.5 X11. Is there an easy method to do this or do I need to create a template (if so how would I do that) and then add the data into new map base? I want the map to be basically 400% of normal setting and maintain good resolution when enlarged. I am using Arc 9.3 Thank you for your help

Mapping Center Answer:

First I'll assume you want to print from Layout View.  For this to be the easiest scenario, the proportions of the letter size map need to match the proportions of your poster.  For instance, a letter size map will match ANSI B, C, D, or E size sheets.  E-size is the size of a typical poster (D size is half of that, and so on).  The only other thing you need to ensure before changing the page size is that you have set your data frame's reference scale property to be a specific map scale (usually the current map scale).  The Reference Scale property is on the Data Frame properties dialog's General Tab.

Given that, you can use the File menu to choose Page and Print Setup. Make sure the check box Scale Map Elements Proportionally to Changes in Page Size is checked.  In the section near the bottom on the left, called Map Page Size, change the page size from Letter to ANSI E.

One wrinkle to this is whether the setting for Use Printer Paper Settings is checked.  Try this first without this option checked.  That will validate that you are getting what you wanted.  In order for this to work when the Use Printer Paper Settings option checked, you will need to have set your printer to be a printer that can print the size page you want, i.e., ANSI E.  If you don't have such a printer, then un-check the option for Use Printer Paper Settings (You would typically need to produce a PDF by exporting your map in order to have it printed somewhere else).


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