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What is the standard symbol for Wind Turbines

September 08 2010 | 1 comment
Categories: Symbology

Hi, ESRI Inc:

What is the standard specific symbol for Wind Turbines? If it does not exist how can I create one?


Mapping Center Answer:

We were unable to locate a specific standard for Wind Turbines. There are a couple of ways to create them that you might try.

One is to just use a found digital image and change the format to either bitmap or emf to use as a picture marker symbol in ArcGIS. This is the fastest method.

The other way is to find something in the character marker selection that is close to what you want and then modifiy the symbol by using the Representation Symbol Tools. See the archived blog entry about conversion of Cartographic Representations and download the tool from this Convert Markers to Representation Markers link. This tool will convert font- and EMF-based marker symbols into representation markers.

Try this posted by Aileen Buckley on Sep 12 2010 5:02PM
Here is a link to a graphic I found online that I think would serve as a good starting point to make the symbol:
So what I did was to insert this as a graphic in an empty ArcMap page layout and then use the drawing tools to draw the feature. Then I exported the map into .emf format and then used a picture marker symbol that referenced that .emf file to symbolize the points. Pretty easy! I am attaching a .zip file that has the original graphic, the graphic I drew and the points symbolized using the picture marker symbols. Hope this helps!

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