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Moving from Autocad Map3d to ArcMap

September 13 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data, Symbology

I've been tasked with updating an old document. It was created in Autocad/Map 3d. It is an airfield map with all the signs shown as they look in the real world. Some of the signs are incorrectly located and we would like to convert it and update it in ArcMap, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to best do this.

I've attempted to use marker symbols, but it's not working out very well due to a multitude of issues. I've included a small, low-quality portion of the old document as an example. We are looking to create something that is easy to update and display over our new aerial imagery etc. The new maps do need to look similar to the example.

I'll offer a summary of potential sticking points:
1. Autocad/Map3d to ArcMap/SHP/Etc. conversion
2. Label/Marker symbol creation and placement
3. Ease of use/update
4. Ease of integration

I've really hit a wall and I would appreciate any help/advice that can be offered.

Mapping Center Answer:

You should be able to convert your AutoCAD Map 3D file into ArcGIS using the CAD to Geodatabase tool in the Conversion toolbox.  Once the data are in, you can use the standard symbology capabilities of ArcMap and for trickier situations the cartographic representations symbology.  For example, carto reps may be the way you could more easily label the features.

First convert the data and then you can perhaps let us know what additional roadblocks you run into, if any!

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