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September 14 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

When I run the temporal animation in ArcMap, it ends on the last frame, as I want it to. When I export the animation and run the .avi file with Windows Media Player, the animation does not end on the last frame. Instead, it skips quickly over the last frame and ends on the first frame. Do you know why and how I can fix this?
We haven't made the upgrade to 10.0 yet. Thanks for your time!

Mapping Center Answer:

It appears that you are in ArcGIS 9.x and are using "Time Layer Animations" via the Animations toolbar – before exporting the video file, uncheck the "Restore state after playing" option on the Animation Controls dialog.

This should be a non-issue in the Time Slider implementation in ArcGIS 10. In ArcGIS 10, you would select "Stop" from the options for "After playing once" on the Playback tab of the Time Slider Options dialog.

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