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Rake scale with multiple map units?

September 17 2010 | 0 comments

I feel like I am missing something obvious. A common question I get is how to get a rake scale with both miles and kilometers as in the attached figure, item 2. In the past I have made them in Adobe Illustrator at specific scales but surely there is a better way in ArcMap now (I am still using vers. 9.3.1).

Mapping Center Answer:

There isn't a default option to create the scale bar you want, but there is a workaround:

  • In Layout View, go to Insert on the top bar menu and choose Scale Bar.
  • In the Scale Bar Selector, first insert Scale Line 1.  Then, insert another scale bar except this time, choose Scale Line 3.
  • Align the two scale bars so that the top line of Scale Line 3 is aligned with the bottom line of Scale Line 1. 
  • Then right click on Scale Line 1 and go to its Properties.  On the Scale and Units tab, under Units, change the Division Units to Miles. 
  • Next, right click on Scale Line 3 and go to its Properties and change the Division Units to Kilometers.

Now you should have a scale bar that is similar to the one in your attached diagram.

As a side note, this has been logged as a software enhancement request and if you want to bump it up in the priorities, you can go to the ArcGIS Ideas page and vote for this request.

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