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vertical label placement inside polygon

September 17 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Maplex

Hi there,

I would like to create a map that shows parcels with the street address labeled. Smaller sliver parcels do not have room for the label to fit horizontally. Is there a setting in Maplex that would rotate the label 90 degrees when it does not fit horizontally inside the polygon? Thx

Mapping Center Answer:

This issue is a bit more complicated that you've described, because it depends on the orientation of sliver polygons as to what the best way to handle them is.  The solution is that two styles of labeling are needed, one for normal case where horizontal lableing is needed.

Generally, Maplex has options to do this with just one labeling class, but you will need to change the default settings to make it work.  Here's what I did:

1.  Add the parcel polygon layer to the map and set the label expression to whatever you need it to be, mine was:  "APN: " & [APN].

2.  If you are not already using the Maplex Engine, choose to do so.

3.  In the label properties for your parcel layer, Open the Maplex placement properties. 

4.  On the Label Position tab, change the Placement from Regular Placement to Land Parcel Placement; then click the Position button, and choose curved (Straight would not work, but Curved actually did very nicely on the parcels I was testing with).

5.  On the Fitting Strategy tab, uncheck the Overrun Feature option. 

That worked reasonably well for me where I had a very long narrow, vertically oriented parcel.

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