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KML for map service tiled in 102100 projection doesn't work

September 20 2010 | 2 comments
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I wanted to switch a cached base map from 102113 (Web Mercator) to 102100 (Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere), to match ESRI's and others' online services. Using ArcCatalog (9.3.1) I re-cached using re-projected data, the new projection for the data frame in the mxd, and a new cache schema (xml) file downloaded from ESRI. KML is enabled.

Now, the rest service page doesn't show a link for testing with Bing (which should only appear if the service is cached, which it is); and, the Google Earth link throws the error "KML Regions not supported...".

It seems I should be able to view this service in Google Earth--are we missing something obvious? The existing service is cached in 102113 and kml, and the GE link, do work for that service. Thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

This is a known problem in 9.3.1 that is fixed in 10.0. 

Thank you posted by john shramek on Sep 23 2010 7:59AM
In case not everyone knows, what is a 'cr' and how can one find it online to track it?
Change Request posted by Aileen Buckley on Sep 29 2010 4:21PM
It stands for Change Request and it is actually NOT something that a user can track as the CD number is used internally -- sorry about that. What I should have said is that you can track changes using a NIMBUS number. I have edited the original answer, and I will write a blog entry on this so that this is easier to understand.

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