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Graduated Symbol not showing in legend

September 22 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I am using ArcGIS 9.3. I have a polygon shapefile that I am symbolizing by graduated symbols which looks fine on the map. I currently have a Character Marker Symbol selected in ESRI Environmental & Icons. The problem is the legend, where the symbol should appear in the legend it is blank. When I go to the shapefiles symbology tab then "Template" for the marker symbology, the marker size is set to 0. In the Symbol Property Editor window the size is set to -1.#J for the marker. If I change the size 10 it defaults back to 0 in one menu window and -1.#J in the Symbol property window. How do I get my graduated symbol to show up in the legend? And why does the size keep changing back to 0.00 or -1.#J?

Mapping Center Answer:

When you click on the template and then you click Edit Symbol (in ArcGIS 10) to get to the Symbol Property Editor, then any change you make in this dialog to the symbol size should also be reflected on the Symbol Selector dialog. It also works the other way, so that if you make a change in the Symbol Selector, the change is also reflected in the Symbol Property Editor. If this is not working for you, and you are working in 9.3.1, then this is something you will see as an enhancement if you upgrade. You may be running into the situation in 9.3.1 that allows you to set the symbol size value in one dialog but it is not being reflected in the other dialog.

So here is your solution: Remember that with graduated symbols, 1) you must use 2 or more classes, and 2) you must use symbol size for the template symbol and for the "Symbol Size from" are both greater than zero. If you follow both of these guidelines, you the symbols will appear correctly in your legend. If they start disappearing because the symbol size got set to zero for some reason, simply save your ArcMap doc with the symbol size greater than zero, close ArcMap and start it up again. Things should appear correctly again when the session starts up.

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