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avoid labeling streets at intersections

September 27 2010 | 2 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex

Hi I was wondering if you have any tips on optimal street label placement. Its fustrating trying to get street labels to not be placed at intersections. It looks sloppy. Can you suggest some parameters to use? thx

Mapping Center Answer:

There's a simple trick to doing this--though it is predicated on having your streets feature class stored in a geodatabase.

1.  Create a geometric network using your streets feature class as the only feature class.  A by-product of a geometric network is a junctions feature class.  Copy this feature class to a new name, and delete the geometric network.

2.  You can symbolize the junctions using marker symbols of varying sizes that have their color assigned to 'No Color'.  Then set the feature weights to 1000 (using Maplex) or high (using Standard Label Engine).

Optionally, you can select subsets of the junctions by street class, e.g., select only those junctions that are intersected by major streets. 



street label placement posted by Rob Ostwald on Sep 27 2010 2:37PM
Hi thx for the response. Just checking if these steps are for placing labels AT intersections? Or to avoid street labels from being placed at intersections..? I am trying to avoid labels placed at intersections.
This causes labels to avoid intersections posted by Charlie Frye on Sep 27 2010 3:24PM
The larger you make the marker symbol for the junction points, the further labels will be pushed from intersections.

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