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Excel file from slope raster

September 27 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

I would like to produce slope stats (average, maximum) for a shape file I made that uses lines to represent ski runs. Using that shapefile and a raster DEM, I used Spatial Analyst to produce zonal statistics for the runs. I'd now like to create an excel file that shows the slope stats for each individual run. How do I do this?

Mapping Center Answer:

To calculate slope statistics for each of your ski runs, you’ll first need to convert the DEM raster into a slope raster, and then run Zonal Statistics on the slope raster.  The workflow would go like this:

  1. Create a raster of slope values from your DEM using the Slope Spatial Analyst tool (be sure to include an appropriate Z factor if the X,Y and Z units of your DEM differ).  You can opt to use Degree or Percent slope.
  2. Run Zonal Statistics as Table, using your ski run lines as the input feature zone, your ski run name/number as the zone field, and your slope raster as the input value.  Calculate all statistics.
  3. To transfer the statistics to an Excel file, add the resulting table to an ArcMap session, Open it, then select and copy all the rows (right-click > Copy Selected) and paste these rows into your Excel sheet.  Now you can delete any of the statistics you don’t need, leaving the ski run identifier and slope MAX and MEAN values.

I ran a test using a 1M DEM for Philadelphia and created 4 cross-country ski runs through various parts of town.  I ran the analysis using the Degree slope option - the resulting Excel spreadsheet containing the zonal statistics for each ski run is attached.

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