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magnify city areas in state map

September 28 2010 | 4 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

I am creating a state-wide map and would like to include smaller maps on the same layout that zoom into populated areas. I forget what this method is called. But basically, I want to explode the area to see greater detail. Is there a way to automate this in ArcGIS Desktop 10 layout, or do I have to create new dataframes and draw lines from the state view to the lower scale view?

Mapping Center Answer:

The process you are describing is called creating an inset or overview map. There is a blog that is called Cartographic Design: Inset Maps that discusses how these are used and how they can be created easily using Extent Rectangles.

In ArcGIS 10, there is a new way to set the rules for more than one othe data frames you create. Data frame rules define a data frame's extent, size, scale, rotation, and coordinate system. In map documents with multiple data frames, you can specify that a data frame inherits another's settings. The online help topic, "Creating data frame rules for multiple data frames", leads you step-by-step through defining your data frame rules and then allows you to use them to specify the rules for a new data frame.

Insets with a line drawn from the state view to the enlarged area are something we call "zoom lines". We generally discourage the use of these (as you will read in the blog entry) because they are not needed and they create visual clutter or potential confusion. Other good options are described in the blog entry.

No Production Cartography toolbar available posted by Stephanie Snider on Oct 4 2010 10:40AM
The ArcGIS 10 instructions say I should have a Production Cartography toolbar available under the Main menu > Customize > Toolbars, but I don’t. I’m working with an ArcInfo license, and I did the complete install – all extensions.

I will make a copy of my mxd to version 9.3 and try the instructions for "extent rectangles".
ESRI Map Production posted by Stephanie Snider on Oct 5 2010 7:59AM
I see. This would have been useful information at the beginning of the instructions since ESRI Production Mapping is not free. Thanks for your help.
Where's the Production Cartography Toolbar? posted by Jaynya Richards on Oct 5 2010 12:13PM
The Production Cartography toolbar becomes available as part of the list under Customize>toolbars only with ESRI Map Production installed as well.

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