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Using Map Atlas to populate 2 dataframes on a layout page

September 30 2010 | 0 comments
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I am using Arc Map 9.3.1 (Sp2) and recently got a trial version of Map Atlas PLTS. I am going through the tutorials that came with it, as well as the on-line classroom on, but am still unclear as to how to solve my problem. I currently have a map series set up that allows me to click on a page and it will go to that page in my data frame. My issue is that I want to do the same thing, but when I click on a page, I want 2 data frames(see attached) to show their corresponding areas at the same time.

My map series are a bunch of rectangles, which snake along a pipeline. My layout page has 2 identical data frames, one on top(A) and the second on the bottom(B) of the page. With map series, I can only link to one data frame - whichever one I create the map series with. I would like to be able to have both data frames update dynamically, based on which page I click on.

I have been told that Map Atlas PLTS will allow me to do what I need, but I am not finding any help or instructions on how to do this. Can you either provide me with better instructions, or direct me to some useful tutorial that would help me with this? Please do not direct me back to the ArcGIS Desktop 9.3 Help - I cannot find anything there that answers my question.

Thank you in advance, and I really hope you can help me with this.

Mapping Center Answer:

You can only have a data frame updated/linked if those areas are geographically related in some way (e.g., through an inset or overview map and the main map). This is done using data frame managers.

It looks like in this example that you are trying to update the extent of the second data frame with a completely different extent that is not related to the first extent.  This is not the traditional thing we usually see where one data frame is based on the extent of the first data frame (like in a locator diagram).  

Our map book tools, PLTS MPS-Atlas and Data Driven Pages at 10, both handle the case in which one extent is based on the other extent, but they do not handle two completely different extents.  In order to automate this at 10, you would have to write a Python script that updates both data frame extents independently.  In Production Mapping (formerly PLTS) there is a tool called Product Library that may give you some methods for setting up the data frame extents and saving them as separate map documents then working with those in a similar way to working with a map book. You may want to contact Technical Support for more help on this issue.

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