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follow up from previous question

September 30 2010 | 0 comments
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Please see below to a previous question i asked. I appreciate you all giving me directions...but do not have Arc 10 yet on my computer. I need directions for the same question for arc 9.3. I assume the overlay process is the same...but then what do i do after that? Thanks!

Your Question:
Overlay with tag

ok - I am fairly sure i need to do some sort of Overlay with a tag for the following question but just am not sure.

I make maps of single "tracts" of land. This tract layer is in a SDE format and the tracts i map are named within the SDE layer. The legend includes a PLSS location description as well as a County name and Tract name of where I'm zoomed to. Currently I'm manually changing these and would like to have it auto fill in these with the associated PLSS, County and Tract name. Can you explain the easiest way for me to do this? I have a county SDE layer and the ESRI PLSS layer.

Attached is an example of what i'm talking about.
Our Answer:
This can be achieved using new functionality in ArcGIS 10 called Data Driven Pages. Since your dynamic text is coming from three different feature classes, you would need to perform a spatial overlay to get all the attributes into Tract feature class before using Data Driven pages. The steps for getting the result you need would be:

1) To transfer attributes from PLSS feature class to County feature class, use the Spatial Join tool in the Overlay toolset.

2) Now use Spatial Join again on the Tract feature class and the newly created feature class from step 1. This will attach the attributes from the PLSS and county layers to the tract feature class and create a new feature class.

3) Now create data driven pages on the newly created Tract layer from step 2 and use "Tract name field" as Name Field in the Setup Data Driven Pages dialog box. Now you can loop through each tract from Data Driven pages toolbar.

4) You can create dynamic text with any attribute field in the Data Driven Pages index layer. For example, if you have an attribute on the index layer named TRACT_NAME, you can create a dynamic text tag using this field to dynamically display the TRACT NAME for each page in the layout.

Using the dynamic text, place the text for County, PLSS location and Tract name on map layout. These will dynamically update as you loop through each tract.

Hope this helps!

Mapping Center Answer:

At 9.3.1, you would need PLTS MPS-Atlas extension to get the same result. More about PLTS MPS-Atlas here:

An overview of MPS-Atlas

In particular, the dynamic text feature will automated the text for your legend, but would need to be driven by content in your tracts layer, e.g., you would need to have a field that contained the county name (the spatial join functionality in our previous response was the best way to accomplish this in version 9.3.1 as well.

Adding feature class dynamic text to the map sheet layout

Hope this helps!


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