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Clipping Custom Reference Grid

October 05 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Elements

I have clipped my data frame to an irregular polygon and I have created a custom reference grid. Is it possible to clip the grid as well? From what I can see, it's not possible with a custom grid, only the ones that are part of the grid wizard.

Thanks again.

Mapping Center Answer:

Unfortunately clipping does not work for custom overlay grids--only graticules and measured grids.  Both of those should work in versions 9.3.1 and 10.

To make the equivalent of what you want to do, I would recommend (in layout view)

  1. Copying your data frame, pasting it into and aligning it with the original data frame.
  2. Add the dataset you are using for your custom grid to the pasted copy of your data frame.
  3. Delete the other layers. 
  4. Remove the clipping extent from the copied data frame as well. 
  5. Now your custom grid can be displayed and labeled as a regular layer.  

It's a bit involved as workarounds go, but it should allow you to create the map/look you want.

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