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Annotation layer is covered by a label

February 12 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Maplex

I have a city annotation layer feature that is being covered by a maplex road label symbol. I cannot figure out how to get the label to move off the annotation or even to be covered by it. I have set weights to the respective data layers and made sure they were in the correct order in the display legend.

Mapping Center Answer:

So, you're correct, label weights would be the first thing to check. Another possibility is that you've got "Never Remove Label" checked (on the conflict resolution tab). Another possibility is that you have placement quality set to "Fast" on the Labeling toolbar; change it to "Best". I just tried this on one of my maps and was able to verify this scenario (Fast mode overstrikes existing anno, even when the weight is set to high, and best mode does what I actually want; no overstriking of anno). This is also consistent with the online help, which states, "...Fast quality doesn't spend much time finding resolutions to label conflicts..."

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