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Can you adjust the leading on labels with multiple lines?

October 08 2010 | 1 comment
Categories: Labeling

Good morning! As you can see from the attached, this symbol, though the perfect size, would benefit from a reduction in space between the 50 and the A. Is it possible to reduce the leading on a label? Thank you!

Mapping Center Answer:

Yes, you can reduce the leading on labels.  First, in the Layer Properties of the feature that is labeling, on the Labels tab, click the Symbol button – this will open the Symbol Selector dialog.  Next, click Edit Symbol which will open the Editor dialog.  On the Formatted Text tab, you can change the Leading which will change the space between the two lines.  Note the units at the top right and modify the value for the Leading using these units.  You will want to make this a negative value to reduce the spacing.

Preserve Leading Via Layer File or Style File? posted by Marianne Farretta on Oct 12 2010 9:17AM
I found this setting, thank you! I don't see leading adjustment anywhere inside style files. Does this mean that in order to share my symbology and my leading, that I need to circulate a Style file and a Layer file? Thank you!

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