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Preserve leading: Style file or layer file?

October 12 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Symbology

I don't see leading adjustment anywhere inside style files, but I do see it in the individual layer's label manager. Does this mean that in order to share my symbology and my leading, that I need to circulate a Style file and a Layer file? Thank you!

Mapping Center Answer:

Leading is a property of a text symbol and is available on the "Formatted Text" tab of the Text Symbol Properties dialog box. It's the second property from the top on the right side of that tab.

Text symbols can be stored in a Style, in the Text Symbols folder.  Text symbols are properties of layers, there is one text symbol per label class.  Text Symbols are also properties of Label Styles and Maplex Label Styles. 

Thus, you can circulate either a style file or a layer file, but it is not necessary to circulate both.  You could also circulate an MXD file, because it contains layers. 

The way it works is that a text symbol object is independently stored in styles and layers, meaning that if you choose a text symbol from a style, applying it to a layer, a copy of what was in the style is created and used in the layer.

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