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Remove duplicate labels?

October 12 2010 | 2 comments

If you have one road comprised of multiple segments, how can you stop the labeling of each individual segment? The "remove duplicates" feature doesn't recognize these as duplicate labels because they are separate features. Thank you!

Mapping Center Answer:

If you are using the Maplex Label Engine, the Remove duplicate labels option should work for you.  If you are still not having any luck, try setting the Duplicate Labels Limits Search Radius to inches.

How to do it without Maplex? posted by tripp lowe on Oct 20 2010 6:50AM
I've found the remove duplicate labels works well (its easiest if you set the tolerance to inches), but how can I do this using ArcGIS' native labeling engine - without Maplex? Using a buffer "to prevent adjacent labels from being placed too close together", found in the Labels > Placement Properties dialog of a layer, does not work very well.
Dissolve will help posted by Charlie Frye on Oct 20 2010 9:01AM
While you've made the argument in terms of establishing the value of Maplex over the standard label engine, there is something else you can do to aid the standard label engine. This would be to geoprocess your street line features using the Dissolve tool (available at ArcView desktop licensing level). Typically you would dissolve by fields that have street name and street type (the latter would be the field you use to set the symbols for your streets). Then you could add this dissolved layer to your map and label that instead of the original data.

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