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Hillshade colour

February 12 2008 | 0 comments

How do I select one of the colour ramps that I just downloaded? I extracted to the colour ramp folder in the style manager, but they aren't there when I choose a colour ramp.

Mapping Center Answer:

First, make sure that the style is referenced:

1. Click the Tools menu, point to Styles, then click Style References. Your personal style and the ESRI style are referenced by default.
2. If you saved the color ramp in a style other than one of these two, check the additional style with the color ramp in it.
3. If you saved the style in a different location on your computer, click the Add button to load more styles, then navigate to and click the styles you need.
4. Click OK.

If this is not your problem, I am guessing that you might not be seeing the color ramp because of the category it is listed under. Use Style Manager to check this. Display the details of the contents of the color ramps folder – to do this, click on the third icon at the bottom right. You should see that there re two columns – one for the symbol name and one for Category.

The default ESRI style groups the default Color Ramps into four categories:
1. Default Ramps: the default color ramp that the Quantities, graduated colors symbology user interface uses.
2. Dichromatic Ramps: color ramps that diverge in opposite directions from a central neutral color.
3. Spatial Ramps: there are only three of these -- Distance, Surface and Slope.
4. Default Schemes: the default color scheme that the Categories, unique values symbology user interface uses.

The Color Scheme dropdown on the Layer Properties > Symbology dialog lists all Color Ramp styles except for those in the Default Ramps and Dichromatic Ramps categories. The Color Ramp dropdown on the Layer Properties > Symbology dialog lists all Color Ramp styles except for those in the Default Schemes and Dichromatic Ramps categories.

So that means that you might not be seeing some of the color ramps because they are in a different category. You can do one of three things to fix this – 1) you can change the category name using one of the four default ESRI names, 2) you can delete the name or 3) you can add your own name. In the last two cases, the ramps will show up for both color ramps and color schemes.

To learn more about the default ESRI categories, you can check out this brief Knowledge Base article.

Note that there is more on color ramps in the presentation we gave at the 2007 ESRI User Conference titled "Getting to Know Symbols and Styles in ArcGIS" – scroll down and you will find it on the Other Resources – Presentations page of Mapping Center.

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