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Color Ramp in Legend

October 20 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

I am using a color ramp for symbology of unique values. I have about 40 unique values all in shades of yellow/browns. On the Legend it is not important to see every unique value, but rather a group of the colors delineating the whole layer. Each of the 40 values is a village and I want there to be a clear delineation on the map between the villages, but they will all be labeled in the legend "Villages of the South" (or something like that). How can I get the color ramp - almost exactly as I see it in the Symbology properties box - with a series of the colors - to show up on my legend? For now I just converted the legend to graphics and only used the first few patches in the legend. But it would be but nicer if I could use the color ramp I see when I select it in the symbology properties.

Mapping Center Answer:

As you guessed, it isn't possible to do what you want without manually converting your legend to graphics and then deleting the color patches and labels you do not want.  Since you are using the legend you added to the map you WILL have the exact colors that are used on the map.  All you have to do is eliminate the legend patches you do not want to use and change the labels to "Villages of the South".

Because you are classifying your data based on unique values based on the values in a particular field (in your case the 40 different villages), the legend that you insert will reflect those exact colors.  For example, when you insert the legend, you get each village with its representative color and its label.  In essence, this is the color ramp, but graphically, it does not look like the color ramp you see on the Symbology tab and it includes all the colors, not just some of them.




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