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After converting layer to graphics symbols are not rendered in PDF or JPEG

October 21 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Publishing, Symbology

Whenever I convert a a layer to graphics and then export it, the image file (be it pdf or jpeg) does not render the symbols correctly. Wassup with that? These are symbols that pre-conversion to graphics are rendered perfectly when exported.

I'm attaching a zip file with the situation I am talking about.


Mapping Center Answer:

It looks as though there are more than a couple of things going on in the way you are working on this problem.

The picture marker symbols (which you are calling "symbols") are likely disappearing because you are only exporting ONE layer in our map document, and it is not the layer that the picture marker symbols are in. When you export to PDF, make sure that you are not just exporting one layer.

In our offline discussion you explained that this was a process you used to deal with multiple features at a single location, and the symbology is currently being moved manually. So you then asked a question about how you can have several markers appear for one location without being stacked on each other, and then have the layer export correctly.

We discuss how to tackle this sort of problem in three different blog entries here on Mapping Center. One of then may hold a solution for you.The blogs are: (1) How to scatter marker symbols for stacked or clustered point features; (2) Create stacked multi-marker symbols with cartographic representations; and (3) Using the Disperse Markers tool to show community amenities.

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