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leader labeling questions

October 21 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling


I have two questions regarding leader labels. First, how do you make it so that leaders and their respective labels don’t go off the page/data frame? In the attached figure (on the left hand side) there are two streams (purple lines) with leaders that go off the page. I already unchecked the box in the “Labeling Options” that “Allow labels to overlap border.”

Second, how do you control where along the line you are trying to label where the leader line points to? In the attached figure all the leaders are pointing to the end of the line segments and I would like them to point to the midpoint of the line instead.


Mapping Center Answer:

If the "Allow labels to overlap border" option is unchecked, the labels and leader lines should draw within the boundaries of your layout. You mentioned in our correspondence that setting the Constrain Offset to "No Constraint" managed to fix this. Another solution is converting your labels to annotation so that you would have greater control over them. That would also solve your second problem by letting you manually place where your leader lines point to.

Your second problem is a known issue in our past releases, but this has been fixed in the recent Maplex releases (9.3.1, 10.0) and in the standard label engine in 10.0. However, if this remains an issue for you and you choose not to convert your labels to annotation, you can also convert your lines to points by running “Feature to Point” with the “Inside” option enabled. That way, a point feature would be created at the midpoints of your lines which you can then use to create your labels from. This method might also help with keeping your labels from drawing outside the boundaries of your layout.

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