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Arrow in Map Book

October 25 2010 | 0 comments


I have set up data driven pages to create a map book for my city. I am trying to put a triangular arrow under the labels that indicate neighboring pages to point the reader in the correct direction (see attachment). I am not sure what to do for the corner arrows? Is there a way to do this? Does it look ok the way I have it?

Mapping Center Answer:

Adding triangles that indicate direction underneath the adjacent page dynamic text is a great way to help readers understand their position in the map book.  To achieve this effect, choose one of two options:

The first option is to insert an object (in this case a triangle pointing in the correct direction) in your map document, in the correct position underneath your adjacent page dynamic text element---you may need to activate your graphic triangle, right-click, Order > Send to back, so that the adjacent page labels draw on top of the graphic. The graphic triangle will show up on every page of your map book.

The second option is to create a text style with a Text Background in the shape of a triangle for the adjacent page labels. To create such a style, activate your dynamic text box, right-click and choose Properties. Click the Change Symbol button, and the Symbol Selector dialog box opens. Click the Edit Symbol button, Advanced Text tab, check Text Background, and click the Properties Button, then the Symbol button. This opens up the Symbol Selector dialog for the Text Background (a triangle shape). Choose ESRI Triangle 1 and then the Edit Symbol button. This opens the Symbol Property Editor, where you can manipulate the size, angle, and offset of the triangle. You will have to create a separate style for each adjacent page label in the layout, so that the triangles are pointing in the correct directions.

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