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Spell Check within the layout

October 25 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

Spell Check within the layout how can I do this

Mapping Center Answer:

In 9.3.1, VBA is embedded, so you have a couple options on how you can approach the task.  (1) If it is possible for you, the best method is to spell check your text before you add it to the layout by using a word processing program to do so. (2) In ArcGIS versions up to and including 9.3.1, there is a way to select all the text elements and spell check them in a map document programmatically using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code. On the ArcGIS Resource Center it is article ID #3095, called "HowTo: Use VBA to check spelling in text elements or graphics"

In ArcGIS 10, automating the spell check requires that you have a VBA license to run the code and the VBA license needs to be authorized separately from ArcGIS in order to run the VBA code. The HowTo article listed above describes the steps you need to follow for installation or and running the code.

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