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Advanced map legend/index

October 25 2010 | 1 comment
Categories: Map Elements


I would like to make a legend/map index similar to the attached example. At the moment, I am making this using Microsoft Excel. Although this works, there are issues with output products. Printing is fine, but making other electronic format files is a fair bit of fiddling. I was hoping in ArcGIS 10, that this may now be a possibility.

The legend is composed of a couple of things. Building number, closest carpark to building, a grid reference and the associated building function. The colour under the building number matches the class of building,for arguments sake, 1-storey, 2-storey, etc.

Two things:

1) can this be done in ArcGIS 10,
2) can this be made to behave like dynamic text, so that when changing between data driven pages, the index could also change.

Mapping Center Answer:

The graphics table element available in Production Mapping at 10 or PLTS in 9.3.1 or older version can be used to create the table shown in your attached file. To learn more about graphic table elements, start with this online help topic: What is a graphic table element? To learn more about the Production Mapping extension or PLTS, contact your local Esri rep or one of the business development folks for this extension: Shree Rajagopalan, Dewey Marino, or Paul Stayert.

re: Advanced map legend/index posted by Craig Poynter on Oct 31 2010 4:24PM
Thank you for the response. We have Production Mapping, but has never been used the extension before now. Is it possible to merge the colour symbology (Shape) with the building number (BldNum) as in the example? Can I get a one-to-many relationship to also work, where one building is serving shops for example?

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