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legend layout squirlly

November 02 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

I need to make a Master Layout for Utilities. There are many groups. The chosen groups, along with the layers under them, will be different. One user may choose to only show 2 Groups and only 3 of the layers out of 5 or so layers in each group. Turning the legend into a graphic is not an option. This is currently what I'm getting. Graphics woulds help me greatly.

Mapping Center Answer:

From your attachment I can't tell what the problem with the legend is. However, I will attempt to give you some legend info that may be of help in any case.

The legend has these options (these are the Map Connection settings on the Items tab of the Legend Properties dialog):

Map Connection Settings

There is no option to control whether the legend items will be shown or hidden if the layer is visible or not in the current map extent. Layer visibility here refers specifically to whether or not the layer is set to visible in the TOC.

Also, there is no option to hide classes that are not visible on the map. There is a very old ArcView script that could be used to limit the classes displayed on a legend to features shown in the view.

If you are interested in requesting enhancements to the legends in version 10.1, use our link to ArcGIS Ideas to vote for your favorites. You can either add a new request or vote for existing ones to bump them up in teh priority queue.  Here are some ideas based on what I rasied in this answer and some that I remembered from previous questions:

  • an option to show feature count for number of features currently visible in the map extent
  • an option to hide classes that are not visible in the current map extent
  • an option to set a fixed legend size and have columns flow as needed and contents resize as needed with an ability to set a minimum font size so things don’t shrink to the point of illegibility

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