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Legend: Arc won't make it, but an inserted raster loses quality

November 02 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

Hello! I have a similar question to one posted earlier: attached, you'll see my layers and my legend, and you'll notice right away that the legend expresses itself by combining attributes of different feature classes as though they were one. In other words, the legend does not lend itself to the design structure provided by the Legend Wizard. So, I make the legend in Illustrator and convert it to a raster, insert as picture, and go from there. However, one deliverable of this project is a pdf, and when I create a pdf from the layout window (either by print or export as), the raster legend becomes intolerably muddled. I have used bmp, tif, jpg, and have used photoshop to tinker w/resolution, but have found no solution. I'm trying to avoid being forced to finish this product in Illustrator. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Mapping Center Answer:

Good news--there's no need to go to Illustrator to do the legend.  You can convert legends to graphics by right-clicking on them and converting them to graphics.  Then ungroup the result (just like in your question yesterday about scale bars).

The trick to doing this is to create two legends, one that contains the layer for your existing roads, and another that contains your layer for the proposed roads.  Convert them both to graphics, ungroup--then delete the rundant information, and arrange to suit--you can bring any other layers you need for your legend into the mix as well.

You might find it useful to have the Graphics toolbar open to expedite working with these elements--we created this toolbar with this sort of work in mind.


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