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Do not label any features when the features are too close to other features - Maplex

November 09 2010 | 0 comments
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I am creating a platbook displaying address points for several townships. For most of the county the address points are spaced out far enough so that it is clear which label belongs to a certain address point. However there are a couple rural plats that have a high density of homes. In this case Maplex will try to label the address points, and will label 3 or 4 houses. When this happens it is difficult to know which address point the label belongs to. I would like to remove all the labels in areas where the address points are clustered close together. Any thoughts on how this could be done?

For a reference please see the area north of Balaton. I would rather that these labels not show up on the map since it is unclear which address points the label belongs to.


Mapping Center Answer:

The way to remove labels in your high density areas is to set up a new label class for those particular labels so that you can apply a different set of labeling rules for the features that are in the denser areas. Here is one way you can do that:

  1. Figure out what the minimum plat size should be for labeling (e.g., 5000 square m). You want to do this because the high density areas probably have smaller plats and you don't want to label those.
  2. Use the Select by Attributes tool and for the Plats feature class select plats with areas greater than that minimum (5000 square m) you identified.
  3. Add a field to your Address Points feature class (e.g., label_field).
  4. Use the Select by Location tool to select features from the Address Point feature class that are within the Plats feature class. This will select the address points in the plats larger than 5000 square m.
  5. In the Address Points feature class right click the field you created (label_field) and use a Field Calculation to calculate all the selected records as "1".
  6. Last, in the layer properties of the Address Point feature class on the Labels tab, select the Method to "Define classes of features and label each class differently". By doing this you will have access to the SQL Query dialog box where you will write "label_field = 1". This will make it so that only the larger plats are labeled.

If you want to label your other features differently, create a new label class for them and for that label class, use the SQL query "label_field <> 1".

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