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Resources for C# programming

November 15 2010 | 2 comments
Categories: Publishing

I would like to build my first C# application, which will do some selecting from my feature classes and prepare a pdf output with results. In help section, under description of specific tools I found plenty of references how to script it in Python, but nothing about other languages. Could you, please advise me where I can find some references to C#?

Mapping Center Answer:

First, is helping you get help; which I learned just now that C# is one of the two .NET languages supported in ArcGIS.  To get started with the online help, which is also the developers reference go to:

Specifically, for your question, creating a PDF is called "Export" in ArcGIS SDK parlance.  To do that you use the output library, specifically the ExportAndPrint function.

Change the exportType string in the call to ExportActiveViewParameterized to "PDF" it will create a PDF with default settings.  The Output library overview has more of the philosophical info about output and how to use it.

thank you! posted by Joanna Laroussi on Nov 18 2010 12:15PM
Thank you very much! These resources are really helpful!
You are... posted by Aileen Buckley on Nov 20 2010 12:03AM

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