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Making Beautiful Maps with GIS

November 15 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

I saw your pdf you made available on "Making Beautiful Maps with GIS" and am a little stumped and hope you could offer some suggestions. I am trying to download ETOPO1 from the NOAA website and am wondering how you downloaded it from the site? As I look at the site it gives me options how to download the data and was wondering if you could tell me what you did? Maybe the site has changed since you created the PDF. Any suggestions you could give how you made it a DEM would be wonderful.

Mapping Center Answer:

To get the etopo1 data, here is what I did:

From the etopo1 web page ( I downloaded the grid-registered binary f4 files for the whole world (I got both of them but in the map we showed at the UC I used the bedrock file).

Then I opened ArcMap. With ArcCatalog, I created a new file geodatabase that I would write the new grid into. Then I opened ArcToolbox and I used the Float to Raster tool (under Conversion – To Raster). I set the output location to be the file geodatabase that I had just created and then I ran the tool.

Doing this in ArcMap, the result will automatically be added to the Table of Contents.

I just tried this again and it still worked for me.

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