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JOIN tables

November 17 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I have a non-spatial data file (Excel Spreadsheet) having multiple attributes which needs to be joined to a shape file having only one feature class (sub-district) per district. For explanation purposes, many churches or organizations working in the same sub-district of a district. I have to create a thematic map showing by name, WHICH churches or organizations are working in a particular sub-district. How can I represent this on my map? I have exhaustively researched on how to do this, yet I cannot find a way to do it without programming. If there is no possibility for a One-to-Many Join, what is the use of keeping a database? Please help.

Mapping Center Answer:

In your case, you would need a Relate (which supports one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships) instead of a Join. With a Relate, the associated data isn't appended to the layer's attribute table like it is with a Join, but you can still access the related data when you work with the layer's attributes.

For example, if you select a building, you can find all the tenants that occupy that building. Similarly, if you select a tenant, you can find what building it resides in (or several buildings, in the case of a chain of stores in multiple shopping centers—this is a many-to-many relationship). However, if you performed a Join on such data, ArcMap would only find the first tenant belonging to each building, ignoring additional tenants.

Once you define a Relate, you can access the related records from either table participating in the relationship. You can also identify a feature on your map using the Identify button.

In the event that you are creating Web maps, you can use ArcGIS Javascript API’s samples to show related records.

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