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Scrubland Representation Pattern

November 21 2010 | 0 comments


I'm trying to create a scrubland polygon representation for a 1:50,000 topographic map (TLM50) just like the attached jpeg (scrubland.jpg). I was able to create one (GrassA feature class) but the draw performance is very slow in ArcMap. How can I make a similar representation pattern with very good draw performance? The pattern is set for a 50,000 reference scale.

Mapping Center Answer:

It looks to me like the easiest way to make this would be to use a multi-layer marker fill symbol.  Then you could use multiple circles of the size and separation you want with the color you want.  To do this, for the fill symbol, get into the Symbol Property Editor and change the symbol Type to Marker Fill symbol.  On the Marker Fill tab select a circle that works for you, set the size and color.  Then on the Fill Properties tab use the Random option and set the separation to whatever works for that circle.  Click the Copy and Paste buttons under the Layers section of the Symbol Property Editor to add the same circle marker symbol to the multi-layer marker fill symbol.  Then set the color, size and separation as you wish for the second circle in the symbol  Copy and paste again as many times as you think you need to to add additional circles to the marker fill symbol and edit them as needed to match the symbol you are trying to create.

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