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Multi Pages Map document export to pdf

November 24 2010 | 2 comments
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Hi... thanks for your quick response to my earlier question.
I tried the hints you provided for multi pages (Map book) document, export to pdf file.
I'm using 9.3.1, so didn't find any tips/hints to assign data driven pages and then export all in one pdf file, with attached data.

If this option is available in ArcGIS 10 only ?
Can you provide some help for ArcGIS 9.3.1 users to overcome this feature ?

We own current product ArcGIS10 also, which is still under testing phase, rather it really have heaps of new features, beyond expectations....which is great.

Please provide help. My earlier question was "How to export multy pages Map document - 'Map Book' into one pdf file". Submitted yesterday 24/11/2010


Mapping Center Answer:

I am not sure how you are creating map series now. The solution I gave you is based on ArcGIS 10's new functionality called 'Data driven pages'. In 9.3.1, you would need PLTS MPS-Atlas extension to get your work done. If you are using the free developer sample called DS Map book, you may want to search Esri forums for multi-page capability, since we do not actually support this ourselves.

If you have already created individual map sheets, you can use Acrobat writer to create a multi-page document from individual map sheets.

Otherwise, you may want to contact Esri Technical Support for further help on this.

Install posted by Rebecca Squyres on Mar 23 2011 8:29AM
Is there a DS Mapbook that will work on Windows7 64bit?
Switch to Data Driven Pages and arcpy posted by Aileen Buckley on Mar 23 2011 12:24PM
DS Mapbook is a sample that is not in current development of maintenance. The idea was so good that we rolled a lot of the functionality into core ArcGIS. You will now be able to find the ability to create map books in the core software in ArcGIS version 10 using Data Driven Pages and arcpy.

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