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Textbox linked to field attributes

December 01 2010 | 0 comments
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I am using ArcGIS 9.3. I would like to make a map series based on a series of plots. Each plot has an unique plot identifier (ex. MH2301) and n rank (High, Medium, Low). I would like to create a map series that automatically Titles each map with the plot id and the associated rank.

I am using Mapbook which allows me to put the plot identifier as the title but I don't know how to get the associated rank to map as well.


Mapping Center Answer:

You want to give titles to each map with the Plot Id and the associated ranks, e.g., MH2301 High. You can do this by adding a new field in your Plots feature class, make this a text field, and set the length to what would be the longest concatenated Plot Id and associated rank (you can visually review your attribute table to determine this). Once this new field has been added, calculate the values by right clicking on the field name at the top and use the following VB syntax:

[PlotID] & " "& [Rank] (replace the field names in this example with those in your attribute table).

Now you can create a map series using this new field and you be able to display both the Plot Id and the associated rank in your title.

Remember that the DS Map Book is not supported by Esri. Some users have extended the DS Map Book to add functionality. You can find these on the Web or in the Desktop User Forum by searching for "DS Map Book" or "ArcMapBook". One useful link is  

I would recommend that you check out the new data driven pages in ArcGIS 10, which is new out-of-the-box enhanced functionality for creating map books/series.

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